Does silent overcome Er: ? Does pigheaded generation of Pa of Europe of Ba of food container Song change Sha Zhimeng of Fei of  of deer of caving predestined relationship to rip?

In report will occupy new network on October 5 outside intermediary report, german premier Mokeer expressed recently, she believes people corporation discharge door scandal to 菏泽市方木模板won’t cause abiding harm to Germ腹膜板厂家an fame.

The report says, when silent overcomes Er to accept orgnaization of German public broadcasting to visit in 4 days, point out, through this matter, act of people group future must more transparent.

Mokeer says: This scandal is of courseNMSS-建筑模板9.3EK very theatricalize and bad thing, but the reputation 工程建筑品牌建筑模板模板价格that I consider German industry, and people is

right the confidence of German economy, unapt still meeting makes a person think here is the good place of deal no longer accordingly.

Nevertheless, ci of Er of easy of party chieftain of the Democratic Party of society of European parliame

nt chairman, Germany thinks, this matter 建筑工地模板厂家直销DWis to write down heavy fist macroeconomic to Germany, but believe the m高层建筑模板价格BWasses won’t be attacked to break down at this point.

In addition, germany ” the picture signs up for ” still point out, the big numerous engineer that count a name already admitted i权明木业有限公司n the investigation of interiorly, ceng Yu cheated software in the installation on derv car 2008, because of this group 2005 the EA189 of research and development engine, do not accord with car tail gas to discharge a standard.

Nevertheless, the report did not announce their status, also did not explain how many person admits to involve this matter, the confession that points to them can’t expose a vicious person manipulating sb or sth from behind the scenes of true 仁和木业建筑模板厂behind the curtain.

It is reporte

d, the month on German people group admits in the wh柯升达木业有限公司ole world the installation on car of 11 million derv cheats software, make the tail gas of the car is discharged mark is amounted to in detect.

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