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Shellfish father talks to record a program to experience with Aobama: Helicopter and sharp-shooter are on hill

Login register father of shellfish of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to talk to record a program to experience with Aobama: Do helicopter and sharp-shooter come on hill source: ? ?2015-10-15 09:3 of fie of Juan scald in order to remove hairs or feathersEdition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 0 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel

Local time on September 1, american president Aobama is in Alaska and British adventurer Beiergeliersi a transcribe ” wild seek to live on ” , he ate a bear to eat the salmon of remnant to become network heat temporarily in the program. According to England ” daily Post ” will report on September 10, shellfish father is entering British independence TV station (ITV) those who rise to swim together with Aobama talk about to experience when interviewing say: Have on the summit especially helicopter, sharp-shooter, diligent the person of the bureau, this is a complet山东大州建筑模板有限公司ely different experience really. He discloses at the潍坊盛泰木业 same time, aobama says with him, although entered this program, his daughters still feel he is a bored person.

Be in Alaska, aobama and fish were patted together according to

In program transcribe, his specially looked for time and Beiergeliersi to undertake be pattinged oneself

Eat raw slices of fish meat

Shellfish as form of a address for an official or rich man: This is completely different experience

The White House calls to us, I still think this is a mischief, geliersi says when ITV accepts a reporter to interview, they say Aobama is ” wild seek to live on ” faithful vermicelli made from bean starch, special hope can enter a program.

Shellfish father will walk up with Aobama on September 1 wild equestrian road, when mentioning that paragraph of experience, he says, have on the summit especially helicopter, sharp-shooter, diligent the person of the bureau, this is a completely different experience really. , geliersi expresses, although there is bodyguard to appear constantly beside Aobam星驰木业有限公司a, what they are in Alaska is wild in the time that still a few is in alone. Especially diligent the person of the bureau basically is mixed in front all around, so I still have opportunity and Aobama face-to-face. He says.

At the beginning I feel, only he is mixed especially diligent the person of the bureau stays together, he just can live in Alaska go down. But he kisses force to be in person from beginning to end however, assumed all living wants job, I feel this is very god-given. Relative strength of Aobama is your case Li Ersi in person very admire, in the meantime, aobama’s nature lived to also leave deep impression to Geliersi instinctively, because he is willing unexpectedly,ha建发木业有限公司ve the salmon fish that is cold-shouldered by bear.

Alaska is bear and salmon everywhere, in the program, division says to Aobama by the side of Liersi, the edge finds out what he finds in river side to was rebuked eat the salmon of the half from knapsack.

Geliersi says, feral Xiong Tong often takes adipose part of the fish only, do not eat the meat. Aobama asks: Why to rebuke do not eat? This is the place with that best fish it seems that. Geliersi explains, bear pared it misses eating adipose part only, include roe and cerebra, but they

do not eat the meat.

Geliersi is worn temporarily removed fire to come grill装配式建筑设备模具ed fish, before this he rises the fish with blockhead in the knapsack that puts oneself.

After Aobamapin tasted salmon, say, geliersi is not a great chef, but piscine taste is good.

Geliersi says to Aobama: Although we did not see bear, but not open-eyed, this is bear eats really remain, I discover on bank.

He is the proponent of boy scouts, hope to appeal through the program people pays close attention to climate to change, this is him the hope can do a few things to protect the earth more du工地装木模板安装方法IKring the president holds a post. Geliersi says, aobama and he spent 3 days in Alaska, this wades itinerary新型模板建筑支撑 be to appeal everybody pays close attention to climate to change originally.

Subsequently, aobama takes Boeing 747 private planes reached aircraftman mark, the glacier that surprises in An Kelei publishs an address in the conference. When family strategy cloth of the coast presses down visiting Alaska on the west, aobama says, the dweller over there has lived in climate change.

Aobama: My daughters still feel I am very bored

” daily Post ” say, to be not compared to go down by the training photograph of general Beijing president, american president Aobama chose more the road of cruel and wild seek to live on what Li Ersi of expert Bei Erge is in Alaska is wild in trudge.

Geliersi discloses, after the event says Aobama, the feral salmon that although he ate,has been chewed partly by bear, also one foot walks in salmon egg, he still fails to have the daughters that he takes for en工地现场签证单格式模板DWough evidence, he is very mad wild.

Aobama released the photograph that he travels in Alaska first on Instagram. In program transcribe, his specially looked for time and Beiergeliersi to undertake be pattinged oneself.

Be in Alaska, aobama and fish were patted together according to, these fish had not been sampled by wild bear

Geliersi says: Aobama is lovely, the person that is a center with the family. I ask him: How d建筑模板参数AEo your daughters evaluate you? He says: They feel I am

too dull! Aobama says to Geliersi, his daughters feel he is in Alaska dativa高层建筑专用模板l Liersi films when the program very bored.

But the Sa Sha that Maria of 17 years old mixes Aobama’s daughter 14 years old, discipline of small off year has had very wonderful life. They accompany their parents to undertake going abroad formally visitting regularly. Of course, they often also are accompanying Bin Xun of grandmother Ma Li Anluo.

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Layer of Qi of moralization ox mother

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