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The world defends an organization to will machine fleshy products to be labelled carcinogenic substance ham 1A class

In report will occupy new network on October 26 Reuter report, world Health Organization (WHO) the orgnaization below the banner labels treatment meat products 26 days carcinogenic substance, because sufficient evidence shows its may cause alvine cancer; Red meat kind also have the possibility that cause cancer.

The international cancer research organization below banner of World Health Organization (Agency For Research On Cancer, in the newest report that IARC)26 day issues, wait for hot dog, ham rate 1A level a kind of carcinogenic substance (Group 1 List) , be in together of list of a kind of carcinogenic substance 建发木业有限公司nicotian, asbestine and derv engine tail gas wait.

Statement says, with respect to consumer individual and character, because of at ordi潍坊盛泰木业nary times the amount that edible processes kind of meat products is limited, cancered odds is not big, but if edible is more, criterion the risk rises.

Statement says, the red meat such as beef, hotpot and pork kind the doubt that be by classify seems step of carcinogenic substance 2A, there is careless pleasant phosphine mediumly in same list with its. 2A form substance means a likelihood to have the sex that cause cancer to human body, and delegate of 1 group of material and cancer have definite correlation.

There is media coverage to say before this, plan of World Health Organization will earth up He Xiaoxiang of a flesh, hamburger the treatment meat products such as bowel includes contain hide in the list of carcinogen. The red meat such as flesh of fresh flocks and herds also will be labelled to be next to the secondary form carcinogenic substance that machines

fleshy products.

Machine fleshy products, pass sootiness namely, bloat the be soiled, flesh product that adds the patte建筑欧板的规格标准是多少rn processing such as chemical content. The report says, th高档建筑模板市场预测e scientist believes, edible these food, may increase the risk of cancer sufferring from bowel. The analysis says, the change of list can bring serious blow to agriculture, the still includes to pursue snack

trade company that is affecte木工模板最好的板d likewise.

But with respect to afore-mentioned reports, int山东顺达木业有限公司ernat建筑模板供应厂家ional cancer research organization releases announcem工地模板生产ent to say in its government website later, did not provide relevant news data ahead of schedule to any media with respect to this matter. This orgnaization expresses, will go up formally 26 days midday at Parisian time commentary appraise result issues news communique, ” oncology of willow leaf knife ” the magazine also will issue relevant report at the same time.

This orgnaization ever called together multilateral and healthy expert to attend a meeting in France this month, delib工程模板多少钱一张rate basis has relevant research verdict, the flesh such as products of certain treatment meat kind the grade of the risk t新型建筑模板机THhat cause cancer of food.

International cancer research organization is the world defends constituent subordinate orgnaization, held water 1965, basically undertake concerned the research of cancer cause of disease. This orgnaization risk cent carcinogenic substance sends the cancer, degree that cause cancer higher, possibly to inaccuracy is decided and may not cause cancer to extend the cancer, possibility that cause cancer 5 level.

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