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Check gives nuclear power plant of Japanese blessing island high dose radiate 45 minutes deadly

Harbor intermediary says, t广西覆膜板建筑模板he权明木业有限公司 first nuclear power plant is in Japanese blessing island 2011 after 311 earths shake, leakage is many radiation, lead to serious nucleus calamity. The accident evens more 4 years up to now, a large number of radiate still are full of inside nuclear power plant, battalion is before company of power of motion business Tokyo is early when quantity

of rad工程模板厂家TRiate of measurement of 2 aircrew interior, record hourly unexpectedly 9.4 Xi Fu spy (Sieverts) extremely high dose.

According to Hong Kong ” Oriental daily ” the website will report on November 2, the mankind falls in the radiate of so high dose, expose order of 45 minutes of full already as a result directly.

Tokyo power company is announced 29 days, 2 aircrew interior has development of remote control robot pipeline link stores to nuclear s建筑模板去哪里买KWewage the room of coal tub, at be close to the position of the ground, detect be as high as horary 9.4 high dose radiate of Xifute. Radiation quantity is equivalent to every Xifute 1000 fine long hair not on the west (Millisieverts) , and the radiation dosage that nuclear power plant records after nuclear calamity, it is only horary 400 fine long hair not on the west.

Today the reading of 9.4 Xi Fu spy that second collection gets, than in those days tower above evens more 23 times.

East report already will plan to use remote control robot this year in August, undertake to reactor interior radiat

ion detects. During robot will come 25 days on September 4, when the radiate of 2 aircrew interior measures measurement, r新型剪力墙模板支撑KReach afore-mentioned results.

Report expresses east, they already sent robot 29 days to enter 2 aircrew range, undertake purify nucleus pollutes the job, a month when needing the least, makings wil建筑红模板生产厂l finish in December.

The report says, average person is average and annual acceptance radiate is measured only 3.6 fine long hair not on the west, now the radiation quantity of second discovery is as high as however horary 9.4 Xi Fu spy, 冠联木业有限公司the mankind exposes order of 45 minutes of full already as a result directly below this environment山东省烨鲁木业有限公司. Even if be in for a long time the astronaut that fills the life below radiation environment, the radiate that they suffer bef建筑施工模板KTore 55 years old is measured, also cannot exceed 4 Xi Fu spy.


In fact, a report that this government funds earlier the day before yesterday says, nearly 4 into the personnel that the portion shares rescuing work of calamity of blessing island nucleus, need to expose measure the job at crossing normal radiate high. Tian Minxiu of ferry of scholar of university of Japanese ridge hill also is criticized, report underestimates the radiation c建筑欧板的规格标准是多少hroma that nuclear calamity leaks east.

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