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Blast of IS minatory ” dropped ” of threaten of ” the White House to bake ” abstruse Ba Ma and Aolangde (graph)

Login register blast of minatory ” of IS of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to dropped ” of t潍坊长浦模板BUhreaten of ” the White House to bake ” abstruse Ba Ma and Aolangde (graph) origin: ? Be not 2015-11-20 15:4 of net of an建筑模板厂家直销RFnulus of? of north of the larva of a tapeworm or the cercaria of a schistosomeEdition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 9 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel

[round-the-world net re建筑模板多少钱一张ATports] will report on November 19 according to British Reuter, mohammedan country

(in the video that IS) announces in its Zhou Si, threaten menace should pass suicidal type assault and car bomb to launch assault to American the White House, pledge should launch more assault to France. In addition, IS returns threaten to wanted to bake American president Aobama and French president Aolangde with suicidal type bomb.

Video cut pursues

Grow 6模板工程BG minutes when this video, and be in before in the video that announce, IS labelled American new York assault target. FBI (Director FBI) Zhanmusikemi (JamesComey) expresses at Zhousi, he has not get is aimed at the United States initiating, any similar Paris fear the assault that raid type believing men建筑模板帮价格KUace really.

Yaohankebi of spokesman of American the State Council (JohnKirby) Zhou Si is right network of news of American cable television (CNN) expresses, the video that releases that day already was sent detect, in order to discriminate荣庚木业有限公司 its authenticity. Every member of American government takes this paragraph of video seriously very. His say. Ministry of American land safety is not right this video make buy 木模板施工工具GSjudge instantly.

The report says, video begin broadcasted the short that Paris assaults, have two IS subsequentl高唐县众发木业有限公司y terrorist has a talk to camera lens respectively.

In this paragraph of video that the name goes to Parisian follow for Rome, an IS terrorist menace wants to blow up Parisian m

onument, and threaten dialogue palace建筑工地用模板AX launchs assault. We will blow up the White House. His say.

Another IS element reachs Aolangde to give out menace to Aobama, say we want to use suicidal type bomb and car bomb to give them baked.

Original title: Blast of IS minatory ” drops ” the White House to attacked threaten to bake Aobama and Aolangde

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