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The whole world that uncover secret is the oldest 4 afterbirth embryo celebrates 80 old age to be named 1234(figure in one’s childhood)

Login register text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to uncover secret whole world the oldest does 4 afterbirth embryo celebrate 80 old age to be named 1234(to pursue in one’s childhood) origin: ? Inclined?2015-12-01 09:5 of border of play broadleaf plantEdition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 4 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel [summary] younger brother of sister of 4 afterbirth embryo shares 13 children, 23 name grandson ge腹膜模板nerat临沂市双龙建筑模板厂ion, 3 great-grandson generation.

On November 28, 4 afterbirths embryo assembles in 12 years first, celebrate 80 big birthday in all.

On November 28, 1935, the elder sister is installed and Er of Ernest of 3 little brothers, Paul, Michael strides Er this, slink ground of 7 weeks of quack dropping, thenceforth rises namely famed Ying Lun.

On November 28, the whole world is the most macrobian 4 afterbirth embryo beams, for 80 years old birthday is lifted cup.

4 afterbirth embryo becomes long album.

4 afterbirth embryo becomes long album.

4 afterbirth embryo becomes long album.

4 sister younger brother from be born case creating a record: They are England first 4 afterbirth embryoes that survive entir合肥建筑模板AZely, the Aoteman that they replace Germany again now 4 afterbirth embryo (among them one of die at 79 ye木模板施工工具ars old of) , become the oldest 4 afterbirth embryo with alive whole world


In the time that 4 afterbirth embryo is born, technology of pregnant check scanning still does not have an invention, nevertheless the doctor tells the parent self-confidently is 3 afterbirth embryo.

Doris is produced in the home, what to adopt acetanilide measure, every give birth to a child, drink physical strength of complement of a cup of tea. Install the first to be born, weigh 1.7 kilograms, it is Ernes建筑多层模板公司BRt, Paul and Michael Er su青盛木业有限公司bsequently.

Kingly tall allows to treat 5 worlds to express congratulation when England, mailed the home that the check of 4 pound gives this 4 afterbirth the birth serves as bonus. By批发建筑模板怎么样BFre milk powder becam建筑用模板e the spo

nsor of darling.

The father of 4 afterbirth embryo fertile it is lorry driver especially, to reduce economic burden, this collects fees every time to the person that sees 4 afterbirth fetus to the couple 1 shilling.

Original, fertile also did not give darling to have decent name with Doris especially, call them respectively 1, 2, 3, 4. 4 afterbirth embryo still has an elder brother.

Install memory to say: I am senior a general term for young women, so I am a boss. 3 little brothers still call me the boss now.

Install now is school assistant, 3 little brothers ever were in England army, air force enlists in army, subsequently each goes his own way.

How to say: I am very proud, we live to be 80 years old.

Complement says Ernest: Our relationship is close, a week is contacted at least. We can live to be 9工程木地板0 years old hard.

Younger brother of sister of 4 afterbirth embryo shares 13 children, 23 name grandson generat

ion, 3 great-grandson generation.

(original title: The whole world is the oldest 4 afterbirth embryo celebrates 80 big birthday in one’s childhood their name is 1234)

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