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” of old father of talent of ” of beautiful comedic star is invaded because of the gender be sued to even more 40 people are accuse

Login register beautiful comedy of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to star ” of ” talent old father is invaded because of the gender be sued to even more are 40 people accuse origin: ? ?2015-12-31 10:2 of huge rock of discharge  contractionEdition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 3 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel

New York of China News Service famous comedy of electric United States will star Bierkesibi is in talent old father 30 days afternoon on December 30 guest court of law Ni Yazhou place appears in court on the west. Although there are more than 40 females to claim to ever was invaded by his sex before this, t闽合桂木业有限公司his is he is sued fir

st however.


According to Fox the TV station reports, close t求购工程复模板多少钱一块LKhat day afternoon at 3 o’clock, kesibi of 78 years old is wearing macula of a gray to connect cap coat, in one male falter of the walking below one female company enters a court. After handing in passport and recognizance, kesibi left a courtroom. No matter be,be in process of court of pass in and out, he did not respond to the query of any media.

That day morning, er of Si Di of Kevin of chief assistant inquisitor is in the Ma Lijun that cheat elder brother say on the press conference, because a sex 2004 is invaded,Kesibi is case by sue with aggravating 胶合板厂家and act indecently towards blame. This belongs to 2 class criminal felonious, can sentence 5 imprison to 10 years.

This case victim is the employee before day general university Andeliyakangsideng. Sidier says Kesibi agrees to carry out sexual behavior to her without the victim, because he lets a victim took next pill to still drink wine, this makes her essential cannot move.

Kang Sideng is first people that accuse the gender invades Kesibi publicly, but check just was done not have because of evidential inadequacy 2005 sue Kesibi. According to local law, the gender is invaded case sue period of efficacy to be 12 years, this case still has a month to will expire. Sidier says they will find new evidence in July this year.

Bierkesibiyin acts the leading role ” talent old father ” and become the United States’ famous black comedy to star, but the last few years is deep-set the gender invades scandal. Say according to network of news of American cable television, aroun木工模板价格d has many 40 fe

male to stand accuse ever was invaded by his executive sex. This has a supermodel already among them, also have common waitress.

Although be shown the gender is invaded time and again, kesibi was not sued formally all the time. American each city invades the date from of the case to the gender period not identical, and some cases happen in on century 779 time, passed to chase after already appeal to period.

Early before, kesibi ever said he and Kangsideng produce an impact get agreeing. This month 14 days, kesibi still puts forward countercharge in the light of 7 females, say these people accuse his sex invades the reputation that damaged him.

(original title: Old father of talent of beautiful comedic star is invaded because of the gender be sued to even more 40 people are accuse)

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