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Accident of crash of one military helicopter causes Iraq in all 9 people die

[round-the-wor合格的建筑模板ld net reports integ建筑工地模板厂家直销DWratedly] ac黑豹木业有限公司cording to Russia ” newspaper signs up for ” on Feburary 16 message, iraqi government releases a message to say, iraq crash of helicopter of a military, cause 9 people d


According to the report, helicopter crash site is in Bagdad southward area, the accident causes 9 people death in 正乔木业有限公司all.

Occupy prelimina润鹏木业有限公司ry findings to sho建筑模板价格w, t腹膜模板DFhe reason of 施工模板BP建筑模板的价格helicopt

er crash or for techni

cal breakdown.

Before this, iraqi premier Haideerabadi ever said, the plan comes Mohammedan country horror organizes renvoi by 2016. (The exercitation compiles: Qi Ying goes over a manuscript or draft: Di Lu graceful)

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