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On Vietnam history insemination of ego of female suspect of case of the biggest drugs is pregnant escape capital punishment

Login register text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian on Vietnam history is insemination of ego of female suspect of case of the biggest drugs pregnant escape: of capital p

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China Daily net report is comprehensive on Feburary 17 flower beauty media 16 days of messages, this year spring, peddle childbirth to produce when poison of a Vietnam child when, she above all benedictory it is the child that just is born, because conceived this child, she wi浩晶木业有限公司ll escaped death sentence.

This woman bought the seminal fluid of a male谦如木业有限公司 convict last year, undertake ego be fertilized and be pregnant.

The United States ” world Post ” cite England ” peaceful interview person newspaper ” the report says, ruan that is 42 years old intelligent the proposal of the biggest a drugs on Vie建筑工地用的模板tnam history committed 2012, t

his also is to involve capital punishment to make the case with maximum amount. She handles death sentence at was being sentenced 2014. Say additionally according to associated如何销售建筑模板 press, she ever appealed, but be rejected by the court. Nevertheless, she still can be a天津建筑模板公司voided now at dying, because Vietnam criminal la建筑模板价格表w prohibits resenting to pregnant woman and children,the female of 3 one full year of life uses death sentence, need checkmate punishment instead lifelong imprisonment.

Investigate 菏泽市牡丹区万方木业有限公司personnel d广西建筑木模板生产厂家iscovery, this woman is escape capital punishment, will buy the seminal fluid of a male convict secretly with the price of 2000 dollars in August last海子木业-代理CF year, undertake ego be fertilized and be pregnant finally. After the child was born this year in April, she will obtain commute a sentence, instead is lifelong imprisonment. The case is here medium, have 4 case alarm because be suspected of derelict and by suspend sb from his duties.

Local media points out, this is not this country is used the first times be pregnant the case that escapes capital punishment. 2007, two jail alarm because allow,one male convict has sex to send its to be pregnant and be sentenced with one female convict put in prison. This female convict also had escaped accordingly by the destiny of execute by shooting.

International society is put in controversy to whether revocatory capital punishment all the time, concern the death sentence that drugs commits a crime especially. Vietnam court ever put to death an Australia poison is peddled, suffer bay governmental outcry. Vietnam gov

ernment revised law last year, the regulation includes to rob, production and sale are fake 7 accusation such as drugs of food, hold can be avoided at capital punishment. Make the officer that embezzles bribery blame, if hand in the illegal income of 75% , also can avoid death penalty, change the original sentence is lifelong imprisonment. The law after revising will this year July become effective.

(original title: On Vietnam history case of the biggest drugs female make ego insemination escape capital punishment)

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