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Japanese female edition ” Lu Bin inferiors ” barren island lives 19 days to eat with magnifier grilled fish

In Indonesia live almost bare广西建筑木模板前十名名称handedly 19 days on island of a barren, rich to having field lives the person of experience is not easy also, however a common Japanese girl was accomplished.

The Ku Jiang Lizi that is 22 years old (transliteration) sign up the barren island that joins company of a travel to manage seeks to live on project, want to experien

ce the feeling that lives completely alone. She rejects to accept travel company field to live of skill groom, whats were taken went up island, strand the real sense of barre建筑胶合板SLn island for the sake of experiencing meaning tegument.

Those who be in travel company insist to fall, ku river took模板批发建筑AC a magnifi

er and a pike to regard as live tool, agree to encounter emergency calls travel company or search stay on th模板厂ASe island, a staff member that has 40 minutes of leg from her appeals. Ku river likes to be in alone, claim not to be pooh-poohed and person association, but the anguish that the island on her feels alone an瑞轩木业有限公司d helpless the following day. Begin a few dNMSS-2020海子木业ays, she is less than enough food a建筑模板价格厂家nd water be anxious to search, because was gotten by drench,still catch a cold. Arrived the 5th day, think of to hold to many days 10 on the island even, ku rive生产胶合板厂r春华木业有限公司 feels acedia. Although acedia,工程模板价格DF but she did not abandon. She mounts shorter coco to

pick next coconut tree, drink coconut milk with stone break open, fish with pike, take firebrand fish to bake with magnifier and coconut palm ripe eat, in the last day on the island, she caught a big lizard to come even barbecue. Travel company most begin special concern, because Ku river does not have outdoor life experience not only, and lack dangerous consciousness. This experience changed the think of a way of Ku river.

She is right England ” daily Post ” say: I like to be in alone normally, but after living 19 days on island of free uncultivated land alone, the world that I discover to one does not have a person is not the world that I think to live truly.

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