Mongolia country life of average per capita is close life of 70 years old of men and womens differs nearly 10 years old

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ews Agency is held in the palm on June 22 report (reporter A Sigang) center of Mongolia nation wholesome development releases recently " population health condition reports " show, up to 2016 the end of th建筑腹膜板公司e year, mo杭州建筑模板公司ngolia nation total population is about 3.

12 million, life of average per capita is 69.57 years old. Among them, woman mean life is 75.1 years old, male mean life is 65.58 years old, mean life of male and female differs nearly 10 years old.保兴木业有限公司

According to central director graceful Rentuya introduces, the population life of 68.9% is in Mongolia country 建筑木模板capital black Lan Ba holds city and seat of each provincial capital in the palm, the population of 31.1% lives in vast a past哪里买建筑模板KRuring area. Mongolia country male woman fastens scale to keep balance basically, the male in total population is occupied 50.8% , the female is occupied 49.2% .

Mongolia country going up from population structure is a young nation. 30% what 15 years old o去哪买建筑模板KTf the following population occupy total population, the工程模板怎么样 15 population that r

each 64 years old are occupied 66.2% .

The report still shows, all sorts of contagion neutral are pestiferous黑豹木业有限公司 occupy 21.5% , among them, 15 to 19 years old of teenage infection venereal scale is occupied 11.9% . This one problem causes unconscious Gu Guowei to give birth 木工模板厂家to sec中模木业有限公司tional height to pay close attention to.

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