Does Venezuela supreme court fear raiding? Arrest of oath of presidential horse Du Luo is fierce

Venezuela president Nigulasimaduluo says 27 days, hijack alarm fly to in the sky cross supreme court building and send helper shrapnel with helicopter, this is plot gets someone destroy, it is horrible assault.

According to Maduluo's view, a vicious person manipulating sb or sth from behind the scenes of behind the curtain of this one incident and American CIA concern couplet. He is same Tangnadetelangpu of president of day warning United States does not interfere Venezuela condition, meet otherwise eat one's own bitter fruit.

[rare air attack]

Maduluo tells media 27 days the reporter in presidential government office, alarm the supreme court building that had flown to be located in a capital to add Lajiasi that day with helicopter in the sky, send helper shrapnel. Place favour makes a surprise attack this to did not cause personal casualty. That helicopter s建筑模板厂商till in the sky has flown to ground of Home Office office.

What does everybody call the action that hijacks office of state of Venezuela of helicopter, assault? Be politics? That is terroristic. He says.

Maduluo confirms, after incident happening, he has asked the military develops thorough to check, affirmatory a vicious person manipulating sb or sth from behind the scenes of behind the curtain of this hor工程木方厂家rible assault can be arrested sooner or later. Maduluo still asks opposition condemns this one assault.

According to Venezuela media coverage, this helicopter is to fly to presidential government office first, play the motto that supports opposition street motion in the flight, subsequently to the supreme court, municipal wait for building shooting fire with judiciary building, send helper shrapnel toward supreme court building. Media says, grenade did not explode.

Aineisituobiliejiasi of Venezuela news minister was later on that day in statement of a government say, office building of Home Office of that helicopter face opened 15 guns, the party of countrywide reporter part that 80 people attend is being held inside the buil什么是模板KEding at that time. Helicopter flies to the supreme court with not far distance subsequently, overhand 4 Israel that come from Colombia ma河北廊坊模板厂联系方式ke grenade, among them two are aimed at the nationa工程模板多少钱一张EDl posse soldier that holds the position of beefeater.

The supreme court says, nobody get hurt in assault恒嵘轩木业有限公司, assessing damage situation.

BBC report, occupying a letter is to drive the person of this helicopter releases a paragraph on gregarious media beforehand the video of transcribe. In video, this person wears a military uniform, profess officer, the name is Oscar admire Rhys, hold a gun in 4 unconscious faces before man body, face camera lens read out a statement, say oneself are not subject at any political parties, but fight government of Ma Du collect.

Reuter analysis, venezuela supreme court becomes the eyesore that turns over governmental public figure, because orgnaization of this one judicatory once made the adjudication that goes again九连环木业st opposition for many times,be.

[warn the United States]

Maduluo is in 27 days whether is helicopter pilot alluding in the speech Peileisi, but state air man and predecessor Home Office grow MiG Er Luodeligesituoleisi concerns couplet, and hold in the palm Rhys criterion and in affection is bureau collaboration, co建筑组合模板nspiratorial topple Venezuela government.

The parliament is lost to control authority hind in parliamentary vote from 2015, the left-wing government that Maduluo heads and opposition are immersed in intense struggle in. Maduluo will announce to start the congress that make statute to draft Venezuela constitution afresh on May 1, speak in order to maintain national peace, stimulative home, resolve current politics crisis. The congress that make statute is held on July 30. Just, opposition alliance thinks this is Maduluo the government looks for excuse to escape should the local election that this year second half of the year holds, reject to attend the plenary meeting that make statute, appeal upgrade further oppose activity of governmental put on a show of force.

Maduluo points to 27 days admit, american government supports natural resources of oil of Venezuela of Ven

ezuela opposition, be covetous o高唐县众发木业有限公司n in the dark. He reminds American president Telangpu, once Venezuela appears,say annihilative condition, large quantities of refugees will emerge to the United States, you will must be in maritime bui

ld 20 segregation wall you are responsible the mad move that counters Venezuela right winger.


onfused situation]

Up to that day, appoint home turns over governmental put on a show of force to already lasted about 90 days. Press the view of western media, the violent incident of meantime happening already caused 75 people to die, additionally much person gets hurt, be arrested.

26 days of evening come 27 days, jialajiasi produces disturbance with the Ma Lakai city on the west, 68 shop meet with loot.

The A that Ma Lakai belongs to pulls melon state governor to block Lierbeiertuo to say, 26 days of evening, office of office of Wu of a duty, phone of one place government and number part are in office ground of party branch office meets with arson.

Beiertuo points to admit, the person of start something is the person that oppose governmental put on a show of force; But opposition public figure says, the motor party that supports a government just is cause trouble person.

With respect to domestic situation flabby circumstance, maduluo says 27 days: I tell a whole world. Protesting, destr板材覆膜是什么意思oy and bleed after incident lasted 90 days, I hope they can give listen attentively to: If Venezuela is immersed in a disorder, bo benefit covers with tiles Er revolution is destroyed, we will begin a battle, won't succumb (azalea) (Xinhua News Agency stalks of grain especially only)

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