Accident of to turn over of bus of Thailand general auspicious sends 2 China tourist to die, 24 people are injured

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in of government of @ CCTV news on July中模木业有限公司 11 message, be 廊坊建筑模板公司stationed in Thailand diplomatic mission to di建筑模板生产基地vulge according to China, last night (on July 10) at 11 o'clock half, pujibadong holds 32 China visitor (come from Shangha建筑模板参数AEi, Hubei, Jiangsu) bus car doubt brings about to turn over because of brake malfunction, send

2 China tourist to die (come fr天津建筑模板公司om Hubei) , 24 tourists are different degree gets hurt, at present 6大模板尺寸标准AP people 山东建筑模板公司(come from Shanghai) need be in hospital to observe cur雨花石木业有限公司e, insensate danger, the黑龙江建筑模板公司 others tourist already left hospital

. Diplomatic mission asks peaceful square appropriate is handled, thorough investigates accident matter.

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