Hawaiian building of house of a high level produces fire to already sent at least 3 people to die

In report will occupy new network on July 15 associated press report, local time 14 days afternoon, building of house of a high level produces American Hawaiian Honolulu fire, had caused death of at least 3 people, 12 people are injured, more t模板有什么品牌han 100 people e建筑订模板SEscape. The message says, up to now fire still was not put out, on fire reason still is not clear about.

Zhanjinsi of spokesman of bureau of Honolulu fire control says, fire produces 26 of Luo Gong contain in Ma Kebo, at

present already at least spread reachs 28. Fire departme新松木业有限公司nt grows Neiweisi to say, firemen discovered 3 deads in 26. Additional, the 建筑木胶板report shows somebody is stranded to be in fla工程施工模板ming building, at pr哪里有建筑模板出售esent still a few dwellers miss.

The newspaper is present, spot fire situation is very violen附近哪有建筑模板卖BMt, appear ceaselessly smother, the buil

ding stock that has on fire more falls. Firemen is chasing the home to chase a

search, fuzz 胶合板厂家holds microphone in downstair hand, appeal a guest to leave instantly.

Honolulu mayor Kadeweier expresses, this bui宝康木业有限公司lding was built 1971, did not deploy fire control gush to drenc北京建筑模板公司h implement.

4 hours after fire erupts, conflagration still is burning, but authorities shows, they predict to be able to extinguish fire very quickly.

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