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According to Russia new company will report on July 16,建筑模板供应厂家 fulajimier of Premier Wu Kelan? Geluoyisiman is in late on July 16 Wukelan expresses in 112 TV stations, must attract more native experts to participate in national processing中模木业有限公司, he still calls the phenomenon that introduces foreign expert ceaselessly the talent to abuse.

Say of Si Man of case collect Yi: "I think, we began this kind of talent to abuse from a certain specific period. Look in me, wu Kelan should overcome Lan Ren to develop construction by black. Although our hard to avoid can invite such or in that way famous expert, but from long-term consideration, we ourselves should build our nation, this are very important. Yes, we may err, the practice of meeting and other country is abhorrent, but I am certain, all our place should do, must pass oneself heart. Such, we just can be cherished. We just can be cherished..

Report of Russian new company says, does A Er of Ex-premier Wu Kelan thank the Buddhist nun? Yacainiuke is in office period, the government introduced expert of a batch of abroad. For example, alexander of case Lu Jiya's citizen? Keweidashenweili ever held the position of mi木工模板nister of Ministry of Public Health, does beautiful book black capture profit of tower of orchid person pay? Yaliexike ever held the position of minister of Ministr建筑模用的模板多少钱BZy of finance, lithuanian citizen Aiwalasi? Qiu Si of dimension of A cloth Rome holds the position of economic progress and trade department minister. And the Fulajimier nowadays? Government of Si Man of case collect Yi has official of a foreign nationality only, nam动画模板ely the Yang Na in black of beautiful book citizen? Su Pulun, currently hold the post ofminister of representative of Ministry of临沂市永固木业 Public Health. (The exercitation compiles: Ming Yichen goes over a manuscript or draft: Zhong Weidong)

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