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In report will occupy new network on July 24 day intermediary report, hero of article of cropland of bank of Japanese foreign minister is in Kob南宁建筑模板公司e city 23 days to address this month, announced the country that embrace a nucleus and blame to have nuclear state the list of expert conference member of problem of disarmament of bilateral expert discussion nucleus.

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According to the report, the member comes from domestic and建筑模板一般多少钱 international in all 16 people, by Japan policy is studied Bai Shilong of ex-presid工程水利模板ANent of university courtyard university holds th

e position of a chairman. First conference general at year immanent Japan is held, intended collect alleviation embraces a nucleus contrary, conduce to those who have the grading nucleus disarmament that realizes possibility offerring, strive to next year April " do not diffuse nuke treaty " (the conference is referred related NPT) .

Bank cropland will hold in Austria this year in May NPT discussed plenary meeting 2020 make clear on preparatory committee meeting for the first time will establish this one conference. Around what pass in U.N. this month " prohibit nuke treaty " , because embrace nuclear country and blame to embrace the difference aggravate between nuclear c东阿县顾官屯镇天财木业加工厂ountry, japan acts bilateral bridge part of purpose. Rely on the United States " nuclear umbrella " Japan votes without what participate in treaty.

Bank cropland emphasizes in the speech, "Of nuke amount decrease to be participated in from what do not open the country that embrace a nucleus. Conference of hope a person of virtue discusses to realize world of the fierce that do not have a nucleus to spread out hand in hand.

Outside dividing Bai Shi, the periphery group that Japanese book member still includes Hiroshima city " center of Hiroshima peace culture " director canaliculus peaceful justice, explode as the nucleus nucleus of Nagasaki of Japanese Red C单侧模支撑供应厂家RFross explodes the 6 people of add up to such as Zun Nan of Chao Changmo of hospital reputation dean.

Foreign member add up to 10 people, include American c

ountry nuclear safety Lin Du of the director before the bureau? Brooks inside 5 people come from in the United Stat附近哪有建筑模板卖BMes the country embracing a nucleus such as Russia, 5 people come from the others the blame such as Germany has nuclear state.

The conference still will invite hold with " prohibit nuke treaty " Egypt and expert of New Zealand two countries. In view of NPT discussed congress to because embrace nuclear country and blame,ever embraced a nucleus to the country holds to respective footing and negotiate 2015 burst, conference of a person of virtue still will d清水模板尺寸BUiscuss rebuild the method of NPT system.

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