Post of the hair that employ a person 270 thousand? Han antecedent signs up for director or reentry jail

Korea check just requests 24 days to sentence dooryard of national information courtyard to grow Yuan Shixun set term of imprisonment 4 years to courtyard of one domestic discipline exercised by the head of a feudal household, origin is he is suspected of be in eve of Korea general election incited employee of nationa建筑组合模板BOl condition courtyard to be in 2012 post of高层模板FD each big website hair affects public opinion, be pointed to to interfere presidential election.

National information courtyard is Korea information and national security office, follow American CIA is built. Yuan Shixun is 66 years old, ever held the position of dean of national condition courtyard 2013 at coming 2009.

Han couplet company reports, check just carries the testimony that deliver to show before, came on January 1, 2012 during December 19, place of group of psywar of national condition courtyard belongs to personnel to be pushed with 716 special account, through sending post, a money order receipt to be signed and returned to sender, share wait for means to generate card amount to achieve many 270 thousand.

These card organically are dispersed about presidential election was mixed 2012 the public opinion of congressman election, the opposition candidate such as Wen Zaiyin of bring shame on, the new nation party that extol is in office reachs the its president candidate, Piao Jinhui that wins victory later, be suspected of disobeying " law of national condition courtyard " , " government service electoral law " .

After exposure of this p瑞轩木业有限公司icket scandal, cause in an uproar. The comment says, korea information branch did not maintain politics indifferent sex, intervene instead the people's politics is decision-making, your person is accepted hard. Information branch intervenes the network discusses platform directly, organically is dispersed the public opinion of concerned election, let ordinary people cannot trust network space.

Yuan Shixun was sued 2013. September 2014, head local court makes first instance adjudicate to this case in the center of Er, sentence his set term of imprisonment 2 years 6 months, postpone a deadline is carried out 4 years, privative officeholder qualifica山东鑫荣泰建筑模板材料有限公司tion 3 years.

Head the high court made Er in Feburary 20清水模板尺寸15 2 careful court decision, sentence a set term of imprisonment 3 y

ears to Yuan Shixun, privative officeholder qualification 3 years, give instantly b

atch catch. Put in prison after 8建筑胶合板 months, yuan Shixun bailed in October 2015 be released from prison.

Nevertheless, korea supreme court rules this month heavy careful this case, reason is to have evidence to be able to 't prove Yuan Shixun to make known to lower levels sends post statement or share hair post actually personally.

This month 24 days, check direction head courtyard of one domestic discipline exercised by the head of a feudal household referred Er 大模板尺寸标准a group of new evidence, include courtyard of a national condition among them some proceedings sound. Check just says, recording shows Yuan Shixun is mentio建筑模板代理商ned on the conference " be

gin psywar to the public " importance.

Predicting court will be in the first ten days of a month will be suspected of doing politics case to make final ruling with respect to Yuan Shixun in August. (Yang Shuyi) (Xinhua News Age高档建筑模板产业调查ncy stalks of grain especially only)

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