"Telangpu wall " deadlock is United States of two big be concerned about new " mental ground mark " ?

Electric reporter hand wrote down Washington of Xinhua News Agency on January 10: Telangpu two be concerned about of wall deadlock

Xu Jianmei of reporter of Xinhua News Agency

New Year beginning, the dispute that by border land of the Chinese ink that build the United States the wall causes ferments continuously, american politics contends for at a stand, when the United States grows dozen of broken history record to point to when partial come to a standstill federally, can wait for, this causes two big be concerned about.

Be concerned about one: What can山东鑫荣泰建筑模板材料有限公司 the ultimate solution of governmental come to a standstill be? American president Telangpu and congress the Democratic Party, who may yield more? Can you reach compromise?

Need to know, governmental come to a standstill is longer, bigger to the influence of the people's livelihood and economy, metropolis occurrence displacement mixes public opinion and people attitude change direction. The government closes, to the White House and the Democratic Party, it is the Shuang Renjian of easy self-wounding. Whether, if why be reached,planting the compromise on degree, this is the choice problem that Telangpu and the Democratic Party face jointly.

Telangpu is in " trading art " in ever listed 11 kinds to trade hang, compromise is absent among them, but flexible is its take delight in talking about. This federally 1/4 orgnaization closes, but country tax bureau employee is worked by requirement back pay, the as usual of the business that return duty that matters to an innumberable families undertakes, of flexible of it may be said paradigmatic.

Go up objectively, compromise or the options of flexible consists from beginning to end. Telangpu still compromises with the the Democratic Party likely, the dream Shengliumei and border fence look are bound, put forward what the the Democratic Party

considers likely to trade; Bypass likely also the Democratic Party, announce the country is urgent condition, use the Pentagon military expenditure and engineer to build a wall thereby. Of course, telangpu and the Democratic Party also can continue to confront eac潍坊长浦模板h other, until obtain the public opin福建建筑模板公司ion result that wants severally. To Telangpu, security of border of attention United States, determined blow is illegal imm建筑模板费用报价igrant, 模板生产main cash enter into an election contest affirmatory figure is modelled and travel, matter to him to entered int工程施工模板o an 西安建筑模板公司election contest 2020 directly of be reappointed consecutively wish sce品牌建筑模板CFne.

Compromise and flexible, the politics that is be accustomed to sth of contemporary west society originally runs regulation. British writer Chesterton ever said: Compromise is in in the past, mean half biscuit feel well to do not have biscuit. Between contemporary politician, compromise looks it is better to mean half biscuit to want to compare whole biscuit actually. In a word, each are obtained somewhat, feel well is solelied pocket.

But the United States that now the party contends for become acute, accomplish compromise and flexible possibly still?

Be concerned建筑工地模板 about 2: Wall, can you make new Americanism ground bid?

Perhaps use the argument of silent of easy of cacique of congress senate the Democratic Party: The Statue of Liberty of or of wall of border land iron and steel, after all which is the United States is indicative?

Wall, have since ancient times, inside collect, defence, completely cut off, uni

te we, detached we and they. Vicki 100 divisions commentate wall, point to on arc湖北建筑模板公司hitecture one kind perpendicular to the space cuts off a structure, with will surround close, break up or protect some area. " say civil " commentate wall, wall is my also. Earth soil is a wall, meaning collecting.

Before long, the United States gives the impression of the world the open state that is a rich and wild pioneering spirit. Travel in American home, illuminate (driver's license) a calorie (credit card) , roam with driving everywhere.

When New Year friend meets, as middleaged as inferior descendants female chat. She says, 20 old before, the United States arrives first, the person of all sorts of color of skin is on the plane. Enter when closing, staff member regular meeting says same a word: Welcome to the United States, she unusual at that time shock. Last year, she returns countryside to visit one's family, when answering the United States although hold American passport, the custom personnel interrogate that still is suspected all over the face. She says, the United States changed.

The reporter is being interviewed in, also experience constantly, wall of beautiful state-owned form is done not have probably so much, aeriform wall is taken seriously however many, and these year be in it seems that ceaseless base is tall. Find out rise, the high fence of more difficult exceed, be afraid is not hypostatic wall, however wall of cognitive wall, idea wall, culture wall, phyletic wall, the rich and the poor. From

2016 since general election, wall, more the very hot hand that makes American society heats up a word.

The existence of corporeal and aeriform wall, make the United States has multidimensional, multiple face. Advocate those who build the Telangpu of the wall to appear on the stage, did not create new face of the United States probably, is an old some only, change a bit point of view, tear down a few heavy veil, present common people to look.

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