The African country such as south Africa, Zimbabwe continues to advance have an inoculation of new coronal vaccine

Xinhua News Agency makes an appointment with the Si Bao inside writing integrated 建筑方木模板AMXinhua News Agency was stationed in report on Feburary 23 report of African area reporter: African disease prevents the data that dominates a center 23 days to release to show, case of illness of new coronal of diagnose of African accumulative total amounts 建筑木模板厂to 3845128, accumulative total dies 101620, accumulative total cures 3391585. The country such as south Africa, Zimbabwe and Senegal continues to advance have an inoculation of new coronal vaccine.

Data shows, the state that case load of diagnose of current accumulative total ranks African fr祥石木业有限

公司ont row is Moroccan, Tunisia, Egypt and south Africa, Ethiopia, among them the case lo模板的配板步骤ad of accumulative total diagnose that south Africa reports and dead case l昌乐县永泰建筑模板厂oad are most.

23 days of data that evening publishs show south Africa Ministry of Public Health, this country case of illness of accumula缝纫模板BPtive total diagnose 150廊坊木业建筑模板5586, accumulative total dies 49413, already had 32315 people have an inoculation up to 23 days new coronal is vaccinal. The new coronal that Lamafusa of south Africa 木模板施工工具GSpresident appealed to each country leader supports World Health Organization that day is pneumonic and vaccinal executive plan, in order to make sure the whole world is all country can rapid, fairness obtains vaccine.

Mo Ni of Zimbabwe news minister blocks tile of solemn Ci eternally 23 days to say on ministerial press conference, the working quality that considers journalist and they are believing firmly the crucial effect that has in breath in beat back epidemic situation, transmission, the person that ferry government decision brings into them have an inoculation of vaccine

of new coronal of the first phase. Zim

babwe begins 18 days to be 模板生产DSthe staff member vaccination of the place of Gao Feng danger such as medical worker of a gleam of and airport, port.

Senegal 23 days of the first phase that starts have an inoculation of vaccine of countrywide new coronal formally to plan, capital of sanitation of a place of strategic importance and preexistence of rate of Abodulayediwufusaer of social move minister amounts to noise made in coughing or vomiting. Before a few hours begin in vaccinal activity, sa of president of a place of strategic importance is strapped when accepting French media special report, refuted doubt China quizs vaccinally, express, obtaining vaccine is not an ideological problem, vaccine of Chinese new coronal is the exclusive vaccine that this country can receive at present. (write reporter: Jing Jing; P江苏工程建筑模板批发ADarticipate in a reporter: Xing Jianqiao, Zhang Yuliang, Wang Ping, Zhao Yupeng)

Original title: Comprehensive information: The African country such as south Africa, Zimbabwe continues to drive editor of responsibility of have an inoculation of new coronal vaccine: Ceng Shaolin

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