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Cover monkey peach is the fresh fruit that a ki建筑腹膜板公司EKnd of a lot of people like to eat. And after cover monkey peach comes home in the choose and buy, it is to need the method with appropriate according to to begin store, otherwise the taste of cover monkey peach and even it is nutrient composition it is to suffer tremendous effect. The basin friend that a lot of loving that eat yangtao wants to know, cover monkey peach whether put in freezer refrigerant. Below, it is we all detailed explanation this one problem, introduce the other and professional knowledge of cover monkey peach for we all additionally! One, can cover monkey peach put freezerCover monkey peach can put freezer. Cover monkey peach is very be able to bear or endure the fres

h fruit of the deposit, in the cold storage layer that after good cover monkey a peach-shaped thing is being bought, can be put into freezer instantly, with vegetable fruit a Chu Fang, can store inside the freezer of 1-5`C 2~3 month is not easy mildew changes. Natural, inside this paragraph of time also won't Cui is ripe, the Zuo when love eats is to get in advance a few days to get off cover monkey peach, after be being put in indoor temperature to begin ripe. Little imagine, after cover monkey peach becomes loose, very easy mildew becomes corrupt problem, this kind perfect cover monkey peach is put into freezer to store is a few days to store only only, consequently, cover monkey peach is done not 临沂市永固木业have fortunately most ripe when want freezer to store, after when needing to take, be being taken ripe. 2, how is cover monkey peach saved can bit longerGeneral and ordinary other people is in a few kilograms to fluctuate in great majority of peach of monkey of cover of choose and buy, two weeks in the sealing caddy that can put normal temperature state fluctuate, in peach of monkey of cover of this paragraph of time meeting one by one becomes gradually loose, daily about 3 two fluctuation can be taken, the reelection after eating is bought. It is the method that yangtao has in major home, because buy a few jins impossibly or hundreds of jins, this basically is cover monkey peach not easy Chu Fang, also not be 9 day or 9 weeks can eat. 1, freezer stores: Cover monkey peach is put in freezer (5 degrees of fluctuation, p临沂商城保森化工经营部ut one case with other and fresh fruit or vegetable fruit) can store a month fluctuates. Want the in advance below eating case a few days to be taken, after making by below means gains becomes loose, can take. 2, shady and cool place stores: After peach of the monkey that buy cover, put its shady and cool place. cover monkey peach puts caddy or what expects in bag, had better be need not complete sealing (if complete sealing, the next time open moment has a sodden wine to enrage) . Had better be need not put cover monkey a peach-shaped thing natural and ventilated area, the water portion outflow that makes its is allowed very easily in that way, make what change forcedly harder, change softly did not have water share. There can be some milder gains can eat after 3 days about two (hard fructification) is commonly when the choose and buy. Come when winkle after mild gains, behoove recovers from an illness the caddy of not complete sealing. If be in,the disclosure when carrying mild gains becomes loose a lot of, eat not to come back temporarily, will be built outside caddy or open of the bag that pack or can pull open mouth of the bag that pack. If two 3 the fructification that has not become loose, can put an apple or banana apple in cover monkey peach, caddy or bag bagging again sealing dot. Tips: The need below general situation sifts a soft cover monkey peach instantly, although do not want to eat to also not be sure to be mixed softly,hard long-term sex is put, the long-term sex of peach of monkey of adverse in that way cover stores. Natural, if you want whole peach a peach-shaped thing ripe getting a word a bit more quickly also is can. 3, the common problem that peach of Mi cover monkey sto建筑模板价格厂家BFresRefrigerant, shading, canister is installed, it is to promote cover monkey peach to store completely the logical way between 永胜木业有限公司 . In addition, need is advertent, inchoate and elaborate choose to also can promote the that store. When store, want winkle to come first soft, the cover monkey a peach-shaped thing that the surface is damaged, otherwise peach of monkey of this kind of cover can be released " butadiene " , begin to peach of other cover monkey " Cui is ripe " , adverse and long-term sex stores.

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